Friday, September 12, 2008

Shout out to the most awesome Boss!

I never thought I could be this lucky.
I was searching for a camera, to document the setting up of my Earth and Energy conscience RNA Laboratory. In a google search, I typed "eco-friendly camera" and low and behold one popped up. The day I did the search turned out to be a day when there was a special promotion through Ritz Camera. The deal was for an eco-bundle green Nikon Coolpix digital camera! The deal being that the money for the camera goes to funding the reforestation efforts of and "will offset 1.91 tons of carbon dioxide per camera sold."
I couldn't believe I found an actual Green camera, both literally and figuratively. Of course that was the one I wanted, BUT, it was not through a contracted supplier. Unless I filled out a million forms, there was no way that I could order it with our funding. Yet our employment has a "green initiative" going on that says we need to be more environmentally-friendly, but does not support outside deals, which means we can only order items through the contracted suppliers.
So I gave up on this very exciting camera and ordered one from the supplier's list. A few weeks later, there is still no camera. Turns out that the one I chose has been back-ordered through the end of October!
I decided to give TheBoss a call. I told him the situation, and how perfect this green camera would fit for the lab.
To my surprise, he handed over his credit card! The camera is set to arrive this Monday, just in time to take a few pics of our upcoming RNase Zap Day. (An explanation of that later.)

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shwu said...

TheBOSS knows how to win over his minions' loyalty! Sweet camera!